Pajzos Tokaji Aszú 5 puttonyos 2006

Wine description

Golden, young Aszú with a supremely refined inner world. Citrus and meadow flowers abound in the nose. The wine lover senses caramel, citrus and dried fruits, and white horehound on the palate with the discreet appearance of buttery, almond notes of barrel ageing. The typical minerality of Tokaji wine brings a slight saltiness to this drinkable wine thanks to its delightful acids. Elegant this promises to be a great wine with serious ageing potential.

Harvest we harvested the aszú berries from the end of October – till the end of November

Fermentation and aging

Grape varieties 60% Furmint, 30 % Hárslevelű, 10 % Yellow Muscat

Content 500 ml


  • acidity 10,8 gr/L
  • sugar 178 gr/L
  • alcohol 10 % vol

Ageing potential 30-40 years

Vintage description

2006 A beautiful vintage in which little sweet wine was made. Spring arrived late, autumn was dry and hot. The aszú berries formed late.

Food & wine pairing

Recommended with lemon cake, dark chocolate citrus or orange desserts, dark chocolate caramel cake but it is also a noble companion to savoury biscuits, quiche Lorraine and roast meats with fruits and Peking duck.

Prizes & Awards

Gold Medal - Decanter World Wine Awards 2014, London