Pajzos was established in 1991 by 12 investors, including Jean-Michel Arcaute (1947 - 2001), director of Château Clinet (Pomerol), La Croix du Casse (Pomerol), Beau Soleil (Pomerol) and Jonqueyres (Bordeaux). At the time of the Tokaj investment Arcaute, a charismatic, communicative and highly-respected winemaker, was at the height of his fame and also managed the renowned GAM AUDY wine merchants which traded in Bordeaux Grand Crus and leading foreign wines, in addition to those of the afore-mentioned wineries.

The other key investor was the current owner, Jean-Louis Laborde (1947 - ), agricultural engineer and owner of a 600-hectare cereal farm, a successful waste treatment company and numerous Paris properties. He was in the background of life of Pajzos until 1997. At the end of 1998 he bought Château Clinet (Pomerol) from GAN Insurance and then Megyer Winery / Pincészet from GAN at the end of 1999. Until 2000 GAN AUDY managed the trade and winemaking of both companies, Pajzos and Megyer. In 2000 Jean-Louis Laborde secured 100 % ownership of Megyer along with a majority share in Pajzos and thus assumed management of the companies from GAM AUDY. Then M. Laborde initiated the replanting of Pajzos dűlő, ensuring optimal grape production.

Since then Pajzos wines have found their place at dinner tables, in prestigious restaurants and at exclusive gala dinners in numerous countries, thus the building fame of the Tokaj Wine Region and Tokaji wines.

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It is our pleasure to share with you our passion for vine cultivation and winemaking through our wines. Enjoy your journey through the world of Pajzos wines!