Pajzos Tokaji "T" Furmint 2015

Wine description  

The Pajzos estate Furmint.Very clean and fresh, the scent of a dewy spring meadow with some mango basis. The acid caracter of the Furmint is closed with a little creaminess.

Harvest We harvested in two stages, in mid and late September. During winemaking we strove to keep low alcohol and preserve fresh, fruit notes.

Fermentation, aging  100 % stainless steel, 6 months

Grape varieties  90 % Furmint, 6 % Hárslevelű, 4 % Yellow Muscat

Volume 750 ml


  • acidity  5 g/l
  • sugar  5 g/l
  • alcohol 13 % vol.

Aging potential  2 years

The vintage  


The Summer of 2015 was caracterized by a heat wave and drought. It was an easy year from the plant protection point of view. But drought injury and sunburn was observed in many places. It was relatively little rainfall, and not in a good distribution. Thus, the early maturity, so that’s why an early harvest and a small amount of aszú berries characterized the year.


Recommended serving This wine is an excellent choice with grilled poultry, fish and cheese dishes, grilled cheese with green salad.