Pajzos Tokaji Hárslevelű Selection 2014

Wine description

Elegant, full bodied wine with great complexity. This well drinkable selection creates outstanding harmony and shows clearly the characteristic of Megyer vineyard next to Sárospatak.

Fermentation, aging fermentation in stainless steel tanks, aging 50% in stainless steel tanks - 50% in 500 litres new oak barrel for 6 month long.

Grape varieties 100% Hárslevelű

Volume 750 ml


  • acidity   5,6 gr/l
  • sugar 4,1 gr/l
  • alcohol 12 % vol

Aging potential 6-10 év

The vintage  

2014 A vintage which was very hard for most of the wineries in Tokaj. For us it wasn’t easy either, but we could prove to ourselves and to our customers that the careful work in the vineyard can result high quality grape production and excellent wines. Spring arrived early this year, from the end of May vapority content of the air was very high, from the end of May we had a very rainy summer. We could harvest average quantity of grape for dry and sweet wines. Regarding the quality we have wines with nice acidity and optimal sugar content. Quantity of aszú berries are average, its quality is concentrated with high sugar content.

Recommended serving With grilled meat and fish meals.

Pajzos Tokaji Furmint Selection 2013

Wine description

Complex, rich Furmint with distinctive citrus flavours and dried tropical fruits (passion fruit, pineapple) with the barrel aging giving vanilla and coconut notes with a refined spiciness.

Harvest in three stages:

- bunches with high acidity, low sugar in mid-September,

- perfectly ripe bunches at the end of September,

- slightly shrivelled or overripe bunches in mid-October.

Fermentation, aging 500-litre new oak barrels with battonage for 6 months. The Mecsek oak barrels endow vanilla and coconut aromas while the local Zemplén strengthen the wine’s body and character enriching it with a peppery spiciness.

Grape variety 100 % Furmint, 45-year-old vines

Volume 750 ml


  • acidity   6.5 gr/l
  • sugar   6.5 gr/l
  • alcohol 15 % vol.

Ageing potential 6-10 years

The vintage

2013 A hot and dry year, the sugar accumulated quickly in the grapes and the acidity remained superbly. It was a lovely vintage for dry wines which have good acidity and slightly higher alcohol. 2013 was also an outstanding year for aszú berries, and we were able to harvest concentrated aszú berries, so this year was particularly propitious for Aszú wines.

Recommended serving: Excellent choice with pink duck breast, roast game and pork.

Awards, scores: VinAgora 2015 , Budapest - Gold Medal; Prestige Reserve 2014, Budapest - Vinum Bonum