Pajzos Tokaji Hárslevelű Late Harvest Selection 2013

Wine description A charming wine with tropical and floral fragrance and with the fine spiciness of the acacia. On the palate the honey notes are followed by a silky marzipan flavour.

Fermentation, aging stainless steel tanks for 6 months long

Grape variety 100 % Hárslevelű

Volume 375 ml


  • acidity   7.9 gr/l
  • sugar   240 gr/l
  • alcohol 9.5 % vol.

Ageing potential 6-10 years

The vintage

2013 A hot and dry year, the accumulated quickly in the grapes and the acidity remained superbly. It was a lovely vintage for dry wines which have good acidity and slightly higher alcohol. 2013 was also an outstanding year for aszú berries, and we were able to harvest concentrated aszú berries, so this year was particularly propitious for Aszú wines.

Recommended serving This wine is an excellent choice with dark chocolate desserts garnished with orange or berries, or with mille feuille filled with strawberry or apricot. It is outstanding with blue cheese, or you can enjoy it in itself as a dessert.

Awards, scores  Hungary’s 2nd best wine in 2015, Népszabadság TOP 100 Wine Magazine